Concept Idea


So, how was my concept conceived? It started in 1994. I had taken early retirement as a police detective in 1993 and went to the private security sector. More specifically into fast food restaurant security. Fast food restaurants were being plagued with armed robberies and lives were at risk. It was the Brown's Chicken Massacre which had occurred January 8th, 1993 that really started my thought process on how restaurant employees could be better protected.

I was doing a lot of work in the area of alarm system technology for the restaurants I was responsible for. I thought if a glass break detector through its set of audio signature algorithms could differentiate between true window breakage and false noise, why could this be done for gunshot detection? Just as how glass break detectors are connected to alarm systems, I felt the same could be achieved with a gunshot detector. Once mass produced, gunshot detectors would have been as common as motion detectors, smoke detectors and of course glass break detectors.

I ran this conceptualization idea by my peers and even talked to a representative in the alarm system business. The demand and the benefit wasn't there in 1994.

Fast forward to early 2013. After the Sandy Hook School shooting, a friend of mine asked me how they could protect their school against Active Shooters. The rest of the story is on my web site, 

I realize now, there are 2-4 building mounted devices similar to mine. It is too early to tell what of my approximate 20 claims sent to the U.S. Patent Office will be rejected or accepted. Once those claims are set, I will be able to move forward. My body worn concept appears to have possibly more originality and protection. The mobile version might have more versatility as it can be set in urban environments where it could have better accuracy than the building mounted devices which triangulate shooting events. Because it is a body worn device, a 911 operator could have communication with the wearer, who could give many details to the shooting event. This device, probably in a Smart Phone app would be affordable. Wearers could be school children and school administrators. Any widespread deployment depends on cost and accuracy. I still maintain the building mounted device would be a simple configuration interacting with the building's alarm system.